Guidance Report on Improving Language Proficiency in Primary School Students

The Education Endowment Foundation releases its new report of recommendations for improving reading proficiency.


EducaciónSÍ Foundation

11/29/20211 min read

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has just published its new report of recommendations for reading improvement in students between 7 and 11 years old. The document is addressed not only to teachers, but to all teaching staff with academic decision-making capacity in the center, to try to achieve a transversal change not only in learning but also in the way of teaching. The report is made up of 7 basic recommendations, all of them detailed and with practical examples, which should be considered as a whole so that the effort required to implement them produces better results.

The 7 recommendations are:

  1. Develop students' language skills.

  2. Encourage students to read fluently.

  3. To teach reading comprehension strategies through exemplification and supervised practice.

  4. To teach writing composition strategies through exemplification and supervised practice.

  5. Develop students' transcription and sentence construction skills through continued practice.

  6. Direct instruction and support by rigorously assessing student needs.

  7. Use high-quality structured interventions to help students with literacy problems.

This document is part of the line of reports with recommendations that this institution has been preparing since 2017, following an exhaustive analysis of evidence-based practices.

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