Johns Hopkins University launches College Reopening Policy Tracker website after Covid19

The interactive map and resource guides compare and analyze school reopening plans across the country, offering solutions for safe education during the pandemic.


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7/13/20211 min read

The global Covid-19 pandemic that began in the first half of 2020, from which we are still suffering the long-term effects, has meant an almost total restructuring in many sectors of society and, although not the one that has generated the most headlines, education has been one of those that have suffered the most.

In an attempt to shed light on the current situation, last summer Johns Hopkins University launched a website with an interactive map, updated in real-time, showing the post-Covid19 reopening policies being followed by K-12 schools across the United States. The information is freely accessible, which means that anyone who participates directly or indirectly in the educational process can consult what other schools with similar characteristics to theirs are doing, or that are within a neighborhood or municipality with similar socioeconomic conditions, and check at the same time which programs are working and which could be appropriate for the reality of their school.

Please, find here the link to this very useful initiative for teachers, administration officials, parents' associations, school boards, and anyone who wishes to have first-hand information, analyzed and published first-hand by such a prestigious institution as Johns Hopkins University.

Interactive Map of Reopening Policy Follow-up after Covid-19

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